Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

Indulge in a heartwarming breakfast or afternoon treat with this delectable Coffee Cake recipe. This moist and flavorful cake is infused with the rich aroma of coffee flour, complemented by a buttery cinnamon streusel topping that adds a delightful crunch in every bite.

The simple yet elegant presentation makes it perfect for any occasion, whether you're hosting a brunch gathering or simply craving a comforting treat. Each slice delivers a harmonious blend of sweet, nutty, and subtly coffee-infused flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Cake Batter Ingredients (the use of a scale is recommended)

140g (1 cup 2 tbsp) All-purpose flour

225 (1cup 2tbsp) Sugar

0.96g (1/4 tsp) Baking powder

1.42g (1/4 tsp) Baking soda

1.42g (1/4) salt

113g (1/2 cup) Unsalted butter

115g (1/2 cup) Sour cream

27.5g (1/8cup) Whole milk

100g (2 large) Eggs

8.54g (2tsp) Vanilla extract

46.87g (8 tbsp) Coffee flour


  1. Add all-purpose flour, coffee flour, Sugar, Baking powder, Baking soda, and salt into your stand mixer bowl. Use the paddle attachment and mix on low speed until it’s well combined for 3 min.

  2. Remove the mixture from the mixing bowl and keep it aside.

  3. Add softened (room temperature) butter and beat on medium speed (KitchenAid mixer speed 5) for 3 mins or until the butter looks fluffy and has a pale yellow colour (creamed butter).

  4. Add the dry mixture into the butter and mix on medium speed (KitchenAid mixer speed 5) for 4 mins or until it resembles wet sand.

  5. In a bowl whisk together the sour cream, milk, eggs, and Vanilla until combined. Add the wet mixture to the creamed butter mixture. Mix the batter on medium speed (KitchenAid mixer speed 5) until the batter becomes smooth (a few lumps are ok).

    Cinnamon Sugar


    25g (2 tbsp) Granulated Sugar

    8.54g (1 1/4 tbsp) All-purpose flour

    1.42g (1/4 tsp) Ground Cinnamon

    Mix all ingredients in a small bowl



    90g (<1/2 cup) Brown Sugar

    62.5g (1/2 cup) All-purpose flour

    2.84 (1/2tsp) Ground Cinnamon

    0.71g (1/8 tsp) Salt

    56.5g (1/4 cup) Unsalted Butter


    1. In a small bowl, combine the flour, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, and Salt.

    2. Use a fork to cut the butter into the mixture until completely combined and becomes crumbly with pea-sized grains.


    Prepare the cake

    • Spread half of the batter into a prepared pan. Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar layer over the top of the batter in an even layer. Gently and slowly spread the remaining batter over the top to prevent the lifting of the cinnamon sugar layer. Finally, top the cake with the streusel mixture.

    • Bake at 350*F for 50 - 55 mins or once a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

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